PODCAST: Plato’s Cave – September 18th

In this week’s episode the team discuss mother!, I Am Not Your Negro and Patti Cake$. With Thomas Caldwell, Alexandra Heller-Nicholas, Emma Westwood and Josh Nelson. Plato’s Cave – September 18th (Podcast link)

ANALYSIS: ‘There’s No God Down Here’: Maternal Absence and Abjection in ‘Sanctum’

In her gender analysis of Aliens (1986) Barbara Creed notes how the “dark and slimy” interior spaces of the Alien Queen’s egg chamber “offer a nightmarish vision of what [Julia] Kristeva describes as ‘the fascinating and abject inside of the maternal body’” (1993:51). The mise-en-scène of Aliens (where this viscous-coated lair is contrasted with the […]