AWARD: Ivan Hutchinson Award for Writing on Australian Film

At this year’s AFCA Writing Awards I was presented with the ‘Ivan Hutchinson Award for Writing on Australian Film’ for my work, ‘God in all things’: Amiel Courtin-Wilson’s Hail. I wanted to extend a very warm thank you to everyone for their kind words and congratulations since the announcement and also to the filmmakers of […]

ANALYSIS: God in all things: Amiel Courtin-Wilson’s ‘Hail’

In an industry where marginalised social classes are routinely depicted as loveable larrikins, comical bogans or dangerous criminals and sexual predators, Amiel Courtin-Wilson’s Hail signals something of a breakthrough in Australian cinema. Based on the life and stories of Daniel P. Jones (who also performs the lead role, Danny), the film broadly depicts one man’s […]

PODCAST: ABC 774 – November 9th

In this week’s Friday Film, Raf & I discuss Amiel Courtin-Wilson’s visionary film Hail, the latest comic book adaptation of Dredd starring Karl Urban and Ben Lewin’s The Sessions with John Hawkes and Helen Hunt on Drive with Rafael Epstein on 774 ABC Melbourne. ABC 774 – November 9th Episode (.MP3)

PODCAST: Plato’s Cave – November 5th

In this episode of Plato’s Cave the team review Dredd, You Will Be My Son and Hail plus we discuss the representation of lower classes in cinema. With Josh Nelson, Thomas Caldwell and Tara Judah. Plato’s Cave – November 5th Episode (.MP3)