FEATURE: Multiculturalism Beyond the Multiplex

While recent political debates about multiculturalism in Australia have tended to focus on issues of integration, ethnic compatibility, religious ideals, or worse still, the ‘true’ meaning of what it means to be ‘Australian’, there is one issue that is often overlooked: screen representation. How ‘we’ as a nation view ourselves, or rather, how we ‘wish’ […]

FEATURE: Looking Forward to the Past

Ever since George Lucas decided it’d be a good idea to take us back to a ‘longer time ago’ in a galaxy ‘further away’, Hollywood has been increasingly overcome with prequel fever. Yes, barely a moment had passed since our realisation that Darth Vader was an annoying adolescent with poor acting skills that we noticed […]

FEATURE: Home of the Brave?

In case you hadn’t noticed, 2007 is quickly becoming the year of the political drama, and not just at the cinema. It may be more than a year before the next U.S. presidential elections, but you’d hardly know it the way senators Clinton and Obama have already taken to the campaign trail. And theirs is […]

FEATURE: The Short End of the Flick

News headlines around the globe question, “Does being short hold you back?” (BBC News), “Is being short a disability” (USA Today), and “Being short isn’t a disease – why cure it?” (MUHC Ensemble). For those afflicted with a diminutive status the world must often seem like a cruel and unforgiving place. But ask anyone in-the-know […]

FEATURE: We’re No Supermen

As much as some of us film critics would like to think of ourselves as superheroes, leaping tall multiplexes and vanquishing the hack director of that latest prequel-remake, the truth is we’re pretty much just average, ordinary, everyday guys and gals. Yet in spite of that revelation (it came as a big surprise, right?) it […]